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Free Catholic Booklet - Faith: Lesson 1
  Two instructional courses about the Catholic faith are available. Each uses text from printed booklets in the Hart and Veritas series.  A required login aids in tracking test results and keeps a user's place in the course upon return visits. The same login can be used for both courses.

This series is based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church and provides a systematic introduction. Fundamentals of Catholicism and basic teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. It answers the questions: What does a Catholic believe?, How does a Catholic worship? and How does a Catholic live? The author, apologist and philosophy professor Peter Kreeft, offers an explanation in everyday language of each area of Catholic belief and practice.

The Luke E. Hart Series
Free Catholic Course Booklets God: Lesson 2

God: lesson 2: - Atheists deny God’s existence. Mystics experience God directly. Saints are called friends of God. But how much can we, finite human beings, really know about Him, the infinite, omnipotent God? Thanks to the Saint Gregory Society for providing this week’s music.
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The Luke E. Hart Series
Lessons 1-10 - What Catholics Believe
Lessons 11-20 - How Catholics Worship
Lessons 21-30 - How Catholics Live

Free Catholic Booklet - Faith: Lesson 1Faith: Lesson 1 -  This is the first of 30 lessons based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, offered by the Catholic Information Service. Written by Peter Kreeft this first lesson, on Faith, gives a basic understanding of the relationship between faith and reason, faith and authority, and faith and the Church. If you want to put your faith in action, it’s a good idea to know what the Church teaches about faith.

This course offers accurate information about the Church's faith, practices and devotions.  As the name of the series says " Veritas", we are searching for truth, the truth of our faith handed down through the centuries from the Lord to the apostles and to succeeding generations of Christians. Like the Hart series, the Veritas series is neither the first nor the last word on these matters of faith. The point is to give basic, reasonable and verifiable information by which we live our lives according to God’s plan for us.

Veritas Series Course
Lord, Teach Us to Pray

Lord, Teach Us to Pray -  What is prayer? Why should I pray? To whom do I pray? How do I pray? These are some of the questions that will be explained by Dominican Father Peter John Cameron in Lord, Teach Us to Pray. Here the author answers our questions and helps us to develop a prayer life that is more personal than mechanical. Father Cameron’s efforts also address issues like family prayer and teenagers and prayer.
ThThe Catholic Teaching on Annulmente Catholic Teaching on Annulment

As a loving mother, the Church responds to the needs and wounds of her children. One of the most traumatic experiences that an individual may face remains the separation from his or her spouse. Unfortunately, the phenomenon of no-fault divorce often trivializes the bond of marriage by reducing it to a mere legality. In order to respect the indissoluble bond of marriage and remain compassionate to those who are experiencing the trauma of separation,the Church provides the procedure to obtain an annulment.

CIS has taken up the call of Jesus Christ to make disciples of all nations. Following the lead of Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI by proposing the truth of the faith. Ours is the basic work of evangelizing today’s culture by accepting the challenge to make God visible in the human face of Jesus Christ. As Father Michael J. McGivney did in the 19th century so we do in the 21st century by “helping individuals to recognize and experience the love of Christ, [and] awaken in them the desire to dwell in the house of the Lord, embracing the life of the Church,” as Pope Benedict XVI said to the Ontario bishops.

Over the years CIS has printed millions of booklets, and tens of thousands of people have enrolled in our courses in an effort to preach Jesus Christ to the nations.

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The Luke E. Hart Series (30 Booklets)
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This series
is based on the Catechism of the
Church and answers the questions:
does a Catholic believe?, How does a
Catholic worship?and How does a Catholic live?
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The Veritas Series - (35 Booklets)
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Veritas is Latin for truth. In this series, the
Catholic Information Service publishes booklets explaining the truth of the Catholic faith and life.

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Booklets are  sent at no cost to chaplains of veterans' hospitals, military installations of all branches,
correctional facilities and to missionaries working in developing countries.

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Former evangelicals Rosalind Moss and Kristine Franklin discuss the myths, misunderstandings and prejudices they faced during their difficult journeys to Catholicism, and how they each overcame them.
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